2-Bromopropionic Acid

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2-Bromopropionic Acid

CAS No.: 598-72-1

Molecular Formula: CH3CHBrCOOH


Test Specifications
Appearance Clear colourless to amber yellow colour liquid
Identity by HPLC 98.5% Min.
Iron 50 PPM Max.
Moisture by K.F. 0.1% W/V
Impurities Revealed by HPLC
Bromoacetic Acid Not more than 0.5%
3-Bromopropionic Acid Not more than 0.5%
2,2,Dibromopropionic Acid Not more than 0.5%
2,3,Dibromopropionic Acid Not more than 0.5%
2-Bromo2Methyl Propionate Not more than 0.5%
Any other impurities Not more than 0.1% individually
Total impurities Not more than 1.5%
Total Acidity 98 to 102% as 2-Bromopropionic Acid

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